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By Amy // Posted Aug 22, 2020 // Category Baking tips

Ever forgot to bring your butter to room temperature before baking? It happens VERY often to me and it’s quite annoying to have to wait for the butter to warm up.

Why do we have to use room temperature butter anyway? Many recipes need butter at room temperature because it’s easier to whip it.

This means that your butter is able to hold air, which means your bakes turn out nice and fluffy.

This is essential when you are creaming your butter and sugar together.

Here are my top 3 tips on bringing butter to room temperature quickly.

1. cube the butter

Cubing butter is my preferred way of bring butter to room temperature.

You simply weight how much butter you need and cube it with a butter knife.

Leave the cubed butter for about 30 mins or longer, depending on what your room temperature is in your house.

The smaller you cube it, the faster it will come down to room temperature.

There’s not a lot of mess and the results are more reliable than, let’s say, microwaving it instead.

2. grate the butter

The grating method is quicker than cubing.

Weigh the amount of butter you need, place a plate underneath the grater and away you go.

But, there’s more clean up involved here. You will probably have stray pieces of butter being flung elsewhere. 

Also, you may have hot hands that would probably melt the butter as you grate it.

If you don’t mind the clean up or if you don’t have much time, this is the method for you.


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3. use residual heat

You need to be careful when bringing butter to room temperature.

Firstly, put a large cup of water into the microwave and zap it for 2 minutes.

Then, cut up the amount of butter you need while the water is heating up.

After 2 minutes, take the hot water out and put in the butter.

Let it stay inside for around 10 minutes, the leftover heat will help it come down to room temperature.

You could also cube the butter into bigger pieces to speed up the process.

4. Bonus - eggs to room temperature

Why should we use room temperature eggs? Well, if you do, you will have a cake with finer texture and with a more even crumb. 

Also, cold eggs don’t really mix well with other ingredients. So, it gets more difficult to get the volume you want in you bakes. 

My preferred way is to leave eggs in a bowl with warm tap water. 

Don’t use boiling water. You should use warm tap water instead.

When the tap water is warm, fill up a large bowl with it. Then put in your eggs. They should be ready in minutes.

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