Ways to melt chocolate the proper way

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Ways to melt chocolate the proper way

By Amy // Posted Sept 15, 2020 // Category Baking tips

Chocolate may seem like an easy thing to melt but there are quite a few things that can go wrong.

What are the best ways to melt chocolate? Why are some chocolates harder to melt than others?

I’ll answer these questions for you and give you some tips to help you melt chocolate better!

before you melt


Chocolate melts so much better if the pieces are small. If you’re melting a large bar of chocolate, then you need to chop it small or even grate it first. Or you can use chocolate chips instead.

Use dry equipment when melting chocolate as water can ruin your chocolate. If water comes into contact with your melted chocolate, it will cause your chocolate to seize and become a lumpy mess.

Keep the temperature low to avoid scorched chocolate. Chocolate melts at around 30C or 90F, you don’t need high temperatures.


Trust me, it happens. But it’s ok! Add some warmed milk or warmed neutral vegetable oil to the melted chocolate. Add a teaspoon and stir constantly. Repeat until the melted chocolate is smooth.

Unfortunately, after adding the milk or oil, you should only use it to make sauces, frosting and batters.


White chocolate isn’t really chocolate, it’s a mix of sugar, milk, cocoa butter, vanilla and fat. It doesn’t have chocolate solids in it. Therefore, it has a lower melting point than milk or dark chocolate. This means it can burn more quickly. 

I’d recommend the plastic bag method (see below) when melting white chocolate. Also, don’t forget the small, dry and low tip from earlier. White chocolate, in particular, needs extra low temperatures because of the low melting point.


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best ways to melt chocolate

1. The Double-Boiler Method

Put a little hot water into the pot and turn the heat on low. Place a heat proof bowl on top of the pot and put the chopped chocolate into the bowl. Stir until only a few lumps remain. Take the bowl off the heat and continue stirring until smooth.

Be very careful not to let steam into the bowl. Remember, even wooden tools can have moisture in it as well. Moisture can  ruin your melted chocolate as it causes it to seize.

2. The Plastic bag method

Put your chopped chocolate into a ziplock bag and close the bag tightly. Place the bag into hot water and let it melt completely. 

This method is perfect for making small chocolate decorations, drizzle it on cake, fruit and more.

3. The Microwave Method

Remember the small, dry and low tip? So, microwaving could be risky!

Place your chopped chocolate into a heat proof bowl and microwave on medium for 1 minute. Take it out and stir. Then put it in again in 15-20 second intervals and stir until the chocolate is mostly melted. Take it out and stir until the residual heat melts the rest.

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