Ways to make the perfect sponge cake

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Sponge cake with raspberries

ways to make the perfect sponge cake

By Amy // Posted Sep 1, 2020 // Category Baking tips

Making the perfect sponge cake can be difficult. To be honest, I still have days where my sponge doesn’t turn out as it should.

My post will share what equipment, technique and conditions you need to make a beautiful light and fluffy sponge.

Here are my top 4 tips on making the perfect sponge cake.

1. use a scale

Baking needs precision and balance, sponges more so! 

For example, in a pound cake you need equal amounts of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. 

Each ingredient you have in a recipe determines what kind of cake it is. So to get the ratio to egg, butter, sugar and flour right you really need a scale.

2. use a whisk

Whether you are using your electric beater or a stand mixer, you need something that has a whisk shape. 

Whisks are what allows air to be incorporated into your mixture. This is the aeration that is commonly mentioned in recipes.

The whisk attachment is often used to aerate eggs, egg whites, cream and light mixtures as they produce such good increases in volume.

Sponges, of course, need aeration. That’s why you must use a whisk attachment.


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3. whisk on high, then medium

We want to as much trapped air in our sponge batter. But, if we whisk eggs at a high speed, it results in an unstable mixtures. 

You would be able to see the visible large and small air bubbles when you stop your mixer. This means that your batter can collapse quickly. 

This is why you should mix on high first to develop the volume. Then change the speed to medium/low so that you can stabilise the aeration. 

So, high to medium speeds make your batter thick and stable.

4. warm your

Warming the eggs helps with the aeration. If the ingredients are cold, it takes longer for your mixture to get to the “ribbon” stage. 

The “ribbon” stage is when your mixture is pale yellow. When you draw a ribbon over your batter, it should hold its shape for a few minutes.

Generally, to warm your eggs, you can heat it over a water bath. Heat the water bath until 45 degrees Celsius (113 F) while hand whisking constantly.

You’re whisking constantly so that your eggs don’t cook. We don’t want that!

Check out my blog post on bringing butter and eggs to room temperature.

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